Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's A Boy!!!

Stellan Ray Castleberry joined our family on his due date, July 26th! Although I had woken up with contractions at 5:30 that morning, I didn't officially know I was in labor until my midwife confirmed it. I was 5 centimeters dilated at 5 PM. I guess that knowledge was all it took, because after that, there was no doubt I was in labor. Chris and I (along with his mom and Laura Anne and Caleb), went to the birth center at 7 PM. They hung out with us until 8, when Chris' mom took the kids home to get them in bed. I labored on a birth ball for a while and then got in the tub, which was awesome!
At 10:13 PM Stellan was born into the water in a caul, which means he was still in his sack of water. It was a great birth experience and I am so thankful how everything turned out.
He weighed 9 pounds 3 ounces and measured 21 1/2 inches long! I had no idea I could make babies that big. :) Both Laura Anne and Caleb weighed just under 8 lbs, so this 9 lb baby was a shock to me! But he's ever so cuddly and precious! We all have fallen in love with him.

Caleb calls him "my Stellan". I love it.

What a wonderful blessing we have received!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


...this is me and my 3rd baby. Please think happy baby thoughts for me so I will go into labor this week and I'll be able to hold my baby in my arms instead of my belly! Thanks. ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Going Home Attire

Okay, so I lied. I decided to share a picture of the two outfits that are currently packed in my birth center bag. My very talented mother made both of these darling outfits, and it breaks my heart that I will only be able to use one of them!! But how sweet is little Stellan or Olivia going to look when he/she comes home for the first time?! So sweet, I can hardly stand it!

The End.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Waiting Game

No pictures for this post. Sorry. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that we're all doing well. In case you didn't know, we just moved this past weekend (sigh...yes, again) due to circumstances that were beyond our control. But I'm happy it's done; happy I didn't go into labor; and super excited that we are merely days away from meeting our new baby!! I'm 11 days from my due date as I write this and, even though there is plenty of unpacking and preparing to do, I'm feeling anxious to meet our baby. I'm so excited just thinking about the moment when we learn who this little one is!!

Maybe, just maybe, the next post will be an announcement! Unless I get to feeling bloggy and decide to post some other stuff. Anyway, toodles for now!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Before and After!

I think the tag in the picture says enough. :)

I edited in Photoshop CS3.