Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can't Resist

The kids and I went for a walk the other day. Caleb led the way for the first leg of our journey.

When he started lagging behind, Laura Anne was ever-so-patient to wait for us to catch up to her.

Caleb was happy as a clam to be out of our yard and not fenced in.

Then we saw a tree that had the most awesome flowers I have ever seen. Far out!

Laura Anne posed with a flower.

Then she raced off again with her little "baby". It was actually a stuffed husky.
It was such a lovely day for a walk. I think we will do this more often when the weather is not so fiercely hot.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk

We played outside with sidewalk chalk the other day. It got kind of messy:

He was saying, "ball!"

And here he was bonking himself on the head with the chalk. :)

Boys will be boys!
Yes, she's powdering her cheeks with chalk

I believe she's officially right-handed

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick, Sick

This was the view on our bathroom counter this past weekend:

Thankfully, everyone is feeling mostly better now. Laura Anne just has some type of cold, I think, as does Chris. She had some mild wheezing on Friday which took us for a short trip to the ER. Don't worry, it didn't turn into anything. Our intention wasn't even to go to the ER, but the after hours pediatric office closed right before we got there. Anyway, her breathing worked itself out by Saturday and now she just has a cough.
Caleb, we believe is teething, but we're not completely sure yet. He had a fever of 102.7 on Thursday and through the night. It broke sometime early Friday morning and hasn't been back since, but he's had a lack of appetite and some crankiness.
So anyway, we're starting to get back to normal. But while we're in the bathroom....
Why do 4 people have 7 toothbrushes???

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Big 3-0!!

This past weekend, my wonderful husband celebrated his 30th birthday! I went on Facebook and asked 30 of our friends and family to write Chris a little birthday wish. I printed off the notes, stuck them on colored cardstock and put all 30 on this cork board in our house, along with a big 3-0!
This is the card from Laura Anne and Caleb. Laura Anne wrote it herself (well I obviously told her what letters to write, but she wrote them by herself):
When we take down the notes, they will go their permanent home: a scrapbook, of course!
So anyway, Saturday we had lunch at Steak N Shake with some family. Chris' parents, my parents and my brother, Brandon and his family were able to come be with us.

Then we went back to the house to have cake and ice cream, and play a fun game of Disney's Scene It.

We had a lovely time! Then on Sunday, my oldest brother, Steve, and his clan came down to be with us and we spent the day at Downtown Disney!

We had a super great time and I took lots more pictures. You can see them all if you click HERE.
Thanks to everyone who helped make Chris' birthday awesome!!!!