Monday, September 14, 2009

Sick, Sick

This was the view on our bathroom counter this past weekend:

Thankfully, everyone is feeling mostly better now. Laura Anne just has some type of cold, I think, as does Chris. She had some mild wheezing on Friday which took us for a short trip to the ER. Don't worry, it didn't turn into anything. Our intention wasn't even to go to the ER, but the after hours pediatric office closed right before we got there. Anyway, her breathing worked itself out by Saturday and now she just has a cough.
Caleb, we believe is teething, but we're not completely sure yet. He had a fever of 102.7 on Thursday and through the night. It broke sometime early Friday morning and hasn't been back since, but he's had a lack of appetite and some crankiness.
So anyway, we're starting to get back to normal. But while we're in the bathroom....
Why do 4 people have 7 toothbrushes???


Jerry said...

One brush for the top teeth, one for the bottom?????

Megan said...

man, that's what our kitchen cabinet looks like right now! :)