Friday, January 25, 2008


Right side of his face. All the wrinkles behind his ear is hair!
This is his beautiful face and perfect little nose. He has his right arm crossing over his chest.His face looks a little disfigured here, but I'm showing you his toes that are covering his left eye. What a flexible little guy!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Movin' And Shakin'

Up until a few weeks ago, Caleb was a very active baby. Then his movements started to slow down a bit. I figured it was because he's beginning to run out of room in there. But last night, I thought for sure he was trying to escape because he was rolling and kicking pretty hard! It kept me from sleeping part of the night. He's a strong little guy! I would have loved to have a window into my belly to see exactly what he was doing in there.

That reminds me. We had an ultrasound earlier this week and found that Caleb was folded in half with his toes in his face! It was so cute. We could see five perfect little toes covering one of his eyes. One of his features that I really can't wait to see in person is his hair. The ultrasound tech could not stop commenting on how much hair he has! She said he has the thickest hair she's ever seen! I wonder if that will remain true when he's born!! I can't wait to see!!!!

I will post a few of his pictures up as soon as I figure out how to get them off the cd. :o)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Just For Fun

Whew, there was a lot to blog today! Just one more thing, though. I thought it would be fun if we could all play a little game. Just go to and put "Caleb08" in the game name box. There, you can make your guesses on when Caleb will be born and how big he will be. I will be looking forward to seeing your responses! Have fun!

Welcome To North Carolina!

Our drive home on Saturday was very wet. It rained and rained, but as we got closer to North Carolina, it slowly started to turn into snow! I was so glad I didn't miss it! It was snowing big, fat flakes. We stopped for a quick break and let Laura Anne play in it. She was so excited she couldn't stop jumping! Here, take a look!

A Day At The Zoo

Friday we took a trip to the Jacksonville Zoo. We had a really fun time and got some great pictures. Like this lion! (I was impressed with my own photography abilities!)
Here's Sheri and Laura Anne admiring the elephant.
I wish I was in this picture! Aren't they beautiful?!
Playing on the elephant
Grammy took Laura Anne for a ride on the carousel. Laura Anne is still talking about the bird she rode on! :o) I know the pole is in her face, but it was hard to get a picture without it.
Here's me and Laura Anne with a gorilla!

Five Cousins All In One Picture...Or Three!

It was a challenge to get all of them to sit still and look at the camera!

She's A Genius With Play Dough

She called this a birthday cake
These are green beans

Having Lots of Fun!

Laura Anne, Peter and Isaac sharing an afternoon snack
Me and Garrett holding the twins. I think Garrett has Peter and I have Isaac, but I'm not positive. :o)
Cooking with Grammy
Tasting imaginary food
Vacuuming with Aunt Seaweed Having a good time with Uncle Red

We're Home!

Laura Anne and I had a great time in Florida last week. We're glad to be back home. Prepare for lots of pictures! To start off, here's just a touch of what we did with Grandma and Papa.
We visited a park and Laura Anne helped walk Snowy
Snapping beans is becoming a hobby for Laura Anne. She loves it!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, who would've thought that I would change my mind on such a matter?! As soon as the new year was here I became a crazy woman. Furniture got moved around to prepare for the new baby's arrival. The crib even got put together! Then I realized that there was more preparing I wanted to do, but could only do it if I knew who was in my tummy!

So yes, to make a long story short, we had an ultrasound last week and found out that we're having a BOY!!!!!!!!!
Luckily, I don't regret my decision to find out. I am so excited and cannot believe that we're actually having a boy! I'll finally have my little Caleb I've been dreaming about since I was in middle school. :o)

So anyway, Laura Anne and I are in Florida this week and I'm starting a project for my son--a crocheted blue blanket! My mom is making him some little blue and white booties and we couldn't be having more fun!

Just a little message for Chris: we miss you terribly and we're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Hugs and kisses!

Monday, January 7, 2008

This Is Fun!

Laura Anne received some bath crayons for Christmas.

As you can see, she thoroughly enjoys them.

Quality Father-Daughter Time

Playing with Daddy's new Game Cube!