Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Well, who would've thought that I would change my mind on such a matter?! As soon as the new year was here I became a crazy woman. Furniture got moved around to prepare for the new baby's arrival. The crib even got put together! Then I realized that there was more preparing I wanted to do, but could only do it if I knew who was in my tummy!

So yes, to make a long story short, we had an ultrasound last week and found out that we're having a BOY!!!!!!!!!
Luckily, I don't regret my decision to find out. I am so excited and cannot believe that we're actually having a boy! I'll finally have my little Caleb I've been dreaming about since I was in middle school. :o)

So anyway, Laura Anne and I are in Florida this week and I'm starting a project for my son--a crocheted blue blanket! My mom is making him some little blue and white booties and we couldn't be having more fun!

Just a little message for Chris: we miss you terribly and we're looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Hugs and kisses!

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NotesbyNewsome said...

Congratulations!!! Hope the remainder of your preganancy is happy and healthy! We're praying for you guys, and can't wait to see pics of your new little one when he gets here!