Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Birthday Girl!

Our sweet girl turned 4 yesterday! She was so excited that her birthday was finally here! We celebrated with family on Saturday. Laura Anne's place of choice? Chick-fil-A, of course! I made these cute little white chocolate-dipped pretzels that turned out adorable! But, they were involved in an unfortunate accident. Yes, sadly, they got all melted together because the bag they were in was sitting on top of the stove when the oven got turned on. There was no hope for these pretzels, so they will just live on in our memory through this cute little picture.
I fear that my camera is dying. Lately, it does one of two things: either it turns itself off at random times, or it decides to not focus on whatever I'm trying to focus on. I'm super sad about this, because I don't have the loads of cash it takes to purchase the camera of my dreams. So, if and when our current camera kicks the bucket, I guess we'll have to find a temporary replacement until we can afford the big guns!

Anywho, getting off subject a little bit. The following picture proves my camera's weirdness. Only about 1/3 of the picture is in focus. But it's cute anyway, so here it is.

Me with my lovely mother and sister:

The butterfly cake! (with the few pretzel survivors)

Caleb enjoyed the balloons.

The following pictures were taken yesterday, her actual birthday. When I told her it was her birthday, she said, "the real one?" Hehe. I guess birthday parties can be confusing for young kids. :)
Before these pictures were taken, I gave her a mini makeover with the princess make-up kit Chris' parents bought her. It even had artificial fingernails. :) They didn't stick very well, but she had fun while they lasted.
Displaying the beautiful skirt that Aunt Jen made!

Happy 4th birthday big girl!! We love you!


TwinMint said...

Wow, time's just flying by! The party was loads of fun, and I hope she felt really special.

LingleBells said...

LOVE the pictures!!! I'm so glad the princess ballerina skirt fits her!! She looks adorable and those nails made me laugh out loud!! :-) Looks like you guys are having tons of Christmas fun!!