Sunday, January 10, 2010


Finally, here are pictures from Christmas day!

Caleb wasn't too thrilled about seeing gifts under the tree. He's still too young to get it, I think. Oh, and please excuse the clutter. Chris had just gotten home the night before. :o)
Caleb warmed up to his train set pretty quickly! That's all he wanted to play with for a while. Actually, I think he would've been happy as a clam if he didn't get anything else all day. :o)

The kids with all their loot:
After Christmas at our house, we travelled to Gainesville for Chris' family gathering (at which we didn't get but a couple pictures, and they didn't turn out well), then we drove to Jacksonville for Brianna's family gathering.

Our last Christmas as a family of four! :o)

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Laurie said...

Caleb needs a stocking from Grammy!! Oh, my! Someone else will, too!! :D