Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Officially Unofficial

We officially have 2 unofficial pets. Laura Anne found this cute little peewee (baby lizard) inside the house last week. We let it go outside but it lives in a plant right by the front door. His name is Herman. Peewee Herman. ;o)
 And this cute little kitty is Wubbzy III. In case you didn't remember, there was a black cat that hung around Granny's house when we lived with her for a short time 3 years ago. Laura Anne named him Wubbzy. Then there was cat that hung around our house when we lived in Deltona and that was Wubbzy as well. So of course, when this kitty started hanging around, Laura Anne immediately wanted to name him Wubbzy. It stuck, and Wubbzy is outside our door everyday. Poor little guy. He's really skinny and has the sweetest personality. I don't think he gets food from anyone else because every time I open the door, he's right there. So yes, I caved and started buying him some cat food and he loves me now.
It's kind of funny to me that cats seem to be drawn to us, considering 2 of us have cat allergies. This is the closest we'll ever get to having a cat as a pet!

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