Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Little Gymnast

As a gift for Mother's Day this year, I received a gift certificate for me and Laura Anne to take Tiny Roo classes at a local gymnastics place. Basically, we get 4 sessions where Laura Anne can run freely and try out all kinds of activities, including the trampoline, slide, the "pit", rings, etc. We've gone two times and she really loves it. Here's some pictures of the fun she had this morning.
This is the instructor, Miss Geri.
Climbing up the wall!
Trying out the balance beam
"The Pit" is so fun! But it's really hard to get out of!
Hula hoopin'
Jumping on the trampoline is one of her favorites!
Walking across the wobbly bridge
Playing in the doughnut
This slide was so fast!!
Hanging on the rings
Laura Anne and her class. They always get a coloring sheet and a sticker before they go home.
This is the ride home :o)

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