Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Peek Inside...

What a fun experience we all had getting to see the little baby in my tummy! Me, Chris and Laura Anne had our own TV in front of us to see everything the ultrasound technician was seeing on her computer. The first thing we clearly saw was the heart beating. We could see all four chambers. It was really cool.
The baby was awake so we could see it moving its arms and legs, even tilting its head a little. The funny thing is that first the arms and legs were down in front of the baby's body. Then all of a sudden the arms were by the head, and while we were looking at the baby's head we saw a foot come up above the shoulders! This baby is flexible!

This first picture is a view of the baby's front. From right to left, you can see the brain, eye sockets, tummy and leg! The blobs on either side of the chin are the hands.

This is a view of the top of the baby's head! The big white blob in front is a hand! We could see all the fingers including the thumb! It was awesome!
One of my favorites!! This is a picture of the bottom of the feet!! Aren't they adorable?!
Another picture of the feet. On the left is the bottom of one foot. On the right is the side view of the other foot--a little bitty ankle!
Oops, this picture is backwards. The baby's head was on the right. Anyway, this is the beautiful profile. We can already tell that this baby's nose is different than Laura Anne's!

And in case anyone's wondering, the sex of the baby IS still a secret!!

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