Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cheat Cheat Never Beat

Something suspicious is going on. I put Caleb's birth information on the expectnet website for the game we played a while ago. Would you believe that someone actually guessed all the right information down to the minute? Yeah, me neither. I didn't realize until too late that I could have locked in all the answers so no one could change theirs. Oh well. Steve and Jen, I'm sorry but you lose. ;o)

The credit goes to my youngest brother, Garrett, for guessing closest. He had the correct day and was approximately 4 hours off with the time. Pops was in second and my older brother, Brandon, was in 3rd.

Garrett, for your prize, you get to spend some quality time with us when we come down in June for your graduation! Congratulations!

Thanks for playing, everyone! Wasn't it fun?!

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Steve said...

Nope. Not cheating. It was thought that it would be humorous if someone "guessed" all the right answers. Since the real guess was clearly posted, people would know that the 2nd "guess" was a joke. Sorry if it wasn't taken that way.

Steve & Jen

P.S. I think Ryan should win. He had the highest score 8060.83... This isn't golf, you know.