Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Babies

About 3 weeks ago I weighed Caleb here at home. He weighed 18.5 lbs. I was happy to see that weight gain! Well, imagine my surprise when I weighed him last week and the scale read 21.5 lbs! Three pounds in two weeks! What a guy!!
It's no wonder, really, because Caleb eats like a horse. Who would've thought that he was in the hospital less than 2 months ago for malnutrition?!
In the past couple weeks Caleb has been trying more and more "real people" food, like taco soup and beef stew. He scarfed down both! I've also discovered a few new snacks that are Caleb-friendly. I found them at Whole Foods. One is soy yogurt. I got blueberry yogurt for him and he loved it! Another thing that we all enjoy is dried corn. It's seriously such a yummy snack and it's perfect to keep in the diaper bag when we're out and about.
Here's Caleb and Anna having what appears to be a serious discussion:
On another note, we've had three visits now from the physical therapist and Caleb is doing awesome! Some of the things we're working on is building his arm strength so he can get into a sitting position from laying down, learning how to pull up to stand, learning how to sit down from standing and of course, learning to crawl. He is on the verge of sitting up, crawling and pulling up. He feels so good these days and he has more energy than ever. Things are about to get really exciting around here! ;o)

Laura Anne is turning into a beautiful little girl. She is quite an independent and strong-willed little thing! Sometimes that's good, and sometimes it's not so good, if you know what I mean! But she is a great big sister and a joy to have around. We've started doing some "schoolwork" during the day. I found this great preschool book at Walmart and she loves playing school. I love watching her learn!
One night recently, Chris prayed over dinner and when he was finished Laura Anne said, "that was a good pray, Daddy."
And just a few days ago, we were at my parent's house and Laura Anne wanted to go get her bathing suit that was hanging up in the bathroom. I knew she couldn't reach it so I was just getting up to go help her when she returned holding her bathing suit! When she was asked how she got it, she responded, "I stood on my tippies."

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