Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before & After

A friend sent me this awesome photo of a waterfall in (West?) Virginia. I couldn't resist playing with it in Photoshop. I did several different edits, but this one was my favorite, I think.



I edited using Photoshop CS3. I cropped it, boosted the colors and added burned edges.
Visit Pixel Perfect to see more before and afters!


Mommy2Four said...

Nice! I love how rick the colors are in the edit!

Just Me said...

Beautiful edit! You brought a flat photo to life in full color with depth. Nice job!

Sheri said...

Nice, you really brought out some depth!


Julie said... turned a great picture into a stunning shot!! What a gorgeous waterfall!

Audrey @ said...

love the edit. it really brang out the colors!

Barb Phillips said...

boy your really made the colors pop. thank you for stopping by my blog as well.

Pixel Perfect said...

So beautiful!!