Friday, September 10, 2010

Daddy Turns 31!

So to celebrate, the boys all took a nap together! :)
We had a family picnic in the living room for dinner:
The two little boys that have stolen my heart:
Time for presents!
And then ice cream cake! Laura Anne was excited.
Helping Daddy blow out the candles:
Mmmm, yummy cake!
Don't you just love this photo? He's just so darn cute!
Three of the cutest firemen this world has ever known:
Hooray for birthdays!


TwinMint said...

Hooray for birthdays! Adorable pictures. I love the kids' expressions in the blow-out shot.

Happy day for Chris!

Marmycakes said...

Great pictures!! :D What fun!!

Marmycakes said...

Just looking again....Sweet babies.