Thursday, February 2, 2012


So here's what you missed:

Laura Anne had a birthday!

Caleb's big Christmas gift this year was a train table with lots of Thomas the train tracks and engines to go with it.

Laura Anne's big Christmas gift was a bike!

On more than one occasion, I caught Stellan on the table nibbling off of our gingerbread house!

We visited with cousins and grandparents in Jacksonville

I couldn't resist a picture opportunity because the 3 boys were all wearing Cars shirts. :)

In January, we had a great family day at a playground, and then had a picnic at a park. It was beautiful.

I'm hoping to be able to stay caught up with the 'ole blog. We'll see if that works out. Does anyone even read it anymore? .....hello? (crickets chirping)


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Brianna said...

Yay! :)

Marmycakes said...

Gee, I had given up on your blog but just checked to see if there was anything here I didn't know about! :D