Monday, February 20, 2012

Bye bye baby....


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Anonymous said...

It's Meg Randle from B&N but I'm not there anymore. I just saw this site for the very 1st time ever because I came across your Christmas card from 2007 and you taped the site on the back of the card. I absolutely love seeing all of your children. They are so precious and I am so glad you stayed on here so I could see everyone in your family! I had only seen Laura Ann in person when you came in the store after she was born. She is so cute and I think she looks like you. Good for you homeschooling. I can't believe all the things you are involved in in addition to being a Mom. Sounds like y'all moved back to Florida. Again, I am thrilled that I get to see your beautiful children. They are all adorable and I know it must be great being a wife and mother. I hope to keep up with you this way. My email is but you don't have to respond because I know how busy you are. I'll just keep on enjoying the PICTURES!!!!! Have fun at Disneyworld and with the wedding and tell Chris hello. Love, Meg