Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Is Here!

I'm excited about this year. March is over, and while it was a very busy, the rest of our year will be anything but boring! Tonight we get to take the kids to a baseball game! I love going to baseball games. It just feels like the All-American thing to do. :)

In May, Chris and I will be celebrating our 9th anniversary and we will be taking a weekend getaway to Orlando! I'm so excited!

And all things wedding are filling my brain lately because my dear little sister's wedding in October! I'm thrilled that I get to help her decorate and plan for her special day. I'm also excited because I ordered my maid of honor (I don't like the word "matron") dress in a size smaller than I thought I would! :D

I will try to pop in occasionally to share a picture or two with you. Don't give up on me yet! ;o)

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Marmycakes said...

I'm still waiting for more..... :D I know it's hard to find blogging time with those three little sweethearts, I just wanted you to know someone is interested whenever you find the time!