Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On Broadway!

Several weeks ago, Chris and Laura Anne had a daddy/daughter date at Chick-fil-A. We love our Chick-fil-A and take part in their special events whenever we can. While they were there, they won tickets to see and upcoming show! Beauty and the Beast!!! How crazy exciting!!!

So that's where the 2 of them are as I write this. I can only imagine what the experience is like for a 6-year-old!

Here are some pictures of this special day!

The tickets!! Woohoo!

Her fancy 'do

We had to get dinner together for Chick-fil-A appreciation day!! The kids and I stayed in the van to avoid all the chaos inside. :)

Here they are, about to leave!
Chris texted me this picture of Laura Anne in the theater before the show started. How excited she must've been!!

I can't wait until they get home and she can tell me all about it!

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Marmycakes said...

What an exciting night for that sweet girl!! :D