Thursday, October 25, 2007

I Get A Kick Out Of You

I would have to say that one of the greatest feelings in the whole world is the sensation I get when I feel my unborn baby moving. It lets me know that everything is okay in there and the baby is strong and healthy. I've been feeling the baby moving for a couple weeks now, but Tuesday night I was finally able to feel it with my hand on my stomach. Chris was asleep and I was reading before I went to sleep myself when I felt the little thumps from within. I could just envision this tiny baby, all 5 inches of him/her, wriggling around in there. Was it a hand or a foot that I felt? I don't know but I couldn't help but smiling to myself. It distracted me enough that I couldn't read anymore! I just sat there with my hand on my belly, enjoying this one-on-one time with our baby. All I can think of to say now is, thank you God, for this precious gift!


Paige Melantha Fingerhead said...

Oh, Brianna, what a writer you are! How awesome! I'm so happy for you! You're little one is a work in progress by the sovereign, loving hands of God. Don't you just love Him?! How awesome He is.

Kristin said...

Brianna, what an amazing time. To be blessed with creating a life is so amazing. I miss that. I can't wait to do it again. Enjoy every single second of this miracle.

NotesbyNewsome said...

That's so exciting! Are ya'll going to find out if it's a boy or a girl or are you going to be surprised?