Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our First Post!

I had a "duh" moment today. I was looking at a friend's blog and suddenly I had a thought. "Why don't we have a blog?" I mean, with the majority of our family and friends living somewhere other than Raleigh, it's a great way to keep our loved ones connected. You can view our blog whenever you choose, and I believe you'll have the option of adding comments.

So, thank you Jackie for the inspiration for our family blog, and thank you Mom for the inspiration for the name of our blog!! :o)

Please join us on our journey to becoming a family of 4! Pictures will follow soon!



I agree - I think this is a wonderful way to stay connected. And I've enjoyed Jackie's blog as well, I'm glad that she inspired you!! :)

B. Parrott said...

Ok, I'm trying again. I just left a comment and for some reason it said that it was from 'discipline'. It was actually from me - Brantley - who doesn't have a blog and obviously shouldn't have one yet, since I can't even post a comment correctly!

Jackie said...

I'm so happy to have inspired you!! I love doing ours and look forward to keeping up with your family on yours. I'm glad "discipline" likes my blog too:)