Friday, November 7, 2008

Meet Cherry Blossom

See this cute little teddy bear? We got him from a special package of Snuggle fabric softener several months ago. I had forgotten about him on account of he was buried in the toy box. Well, Laura Anne recently discovered all the "forgotten" toys in her toy box and has since become reacquainted with all of them. Note my enthusiasm on this matter.Anyway, when I spotted this teddy bear among all the other toys strewn across her floor, I said,
"Oh, he's cute!"
Laura Anne answered, "that's a teddy bear."
Me: "What's his name?"
Laura Anne: "Cherry Blossom"
Where in the world would she come up with a name like that?! It's awful cute, though, so this little bear will forever be remembered as Cherry Blossom!
In other news, Caleb is officially teething! I first had my suspicions on Tuesday. Yesterday (Thursday) I got a glimpse of his gums and, sure enough, there's a little dent with a tiny white speck on his bottom gums! Yay! He loves his teething rings, especially when they're right from the refrigerator. It's quite impossible to get a picture of his first tooth right now. (Believe me, I've tried.) Once it cuts through the gums I'll work on getting a picture or two.

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