Friday, February 6, 2009

Here We Go Again

Early this week Caleb developed yet another rash on his face. This one was around and behind his right ear. Even though it looked similar to the rash he had that landed us in the hospital in December, I knew that it wasn't the same thing because the doctor's told us he wouldn't get it again.

So Wednesday we took him to the pediatrician. He told us it could be the herpes again, but he wasn't sure. He said he was going to make some phone calls and get us in to see the pediatric dermatologist at Duke before the end of the week. If we didn't hear from him by Thursday, there was the option of taking him to the emergency room to make the dermatologists come to us. See, we have been trying for over a month to make an appointment over there, but for one reason or another, it wasn't happening.

Thursday morning came, no phone call. We spoke with a nurse at the pediatrician's office (one who we've been consulting with all week so she knows our situation) and she told us to go ahead and go to the ER. So we did. At first, the doctors didn't seem too thrilled that we were "cheating the system", but honestly, I didn't care. My baby needed to be seen by the right doctor.

After about 45 minutes, a doctor came in and said "you have an appointment right now over at the dermatology clinic". I found out later that the director of pediatric dermatology had a meeting to go to and after that, he was going out of town for two weeks. We had to hurry over there so he would have time to meet with us. A nurse walked with us over to the clinic (on the same campus as the hospital, but a long walk!). While we were checking in at the counter, another nurse met us there and took us back to an exam room. We talked for a few minutes and her exact words were, "you're in the right place now" referring to getting Caleb the skin care he needs. Hooray! After just a few minutes, the doctor came in and all of us sat down and talked. They came to the conclusion that Caleb has strep on his skin (I believe it means the strep infected his skin where his eczema is). The best thing they did for us was write a detailed list of what medications and creams or lotions to give and when. Both the doctor and the nurse said that Caleb may be a different kid next week! Fingers crossed!

I am so thankful to God that we are finally seeing the people that can help our baby boy. And what a miracle that we just barely made it in time to see the director of pediatric dermatology! Wow. After several long months battling the eczema and now dealing with the nasty, evil rash he keeps getting, we are where we are supposed to be and Caleb is getting treated. We look forward to the coming weeks in hopes that Caleb starts feeling better and we can keep his eczema under control. We most likely will still take him to see the allergist at Duke so he can be tested again. That will probably happen in April.

I did not bring my camera with me to the hospital but I took a picture of Caleb and Laura Anne in the hospital bed with my cell phone. Only problem is, for some reason when I try to send the picture to my email so I can post it here, the message doesn't go through. I'm hoping to figure out that problem today.

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