Thursday, June 4, 2009

Look Here!

There he goes!

So, in addition to mastering his crawling skills, this week Caleb has also learned how to sit up from laying down, and he can pull himself to stand too!!! Holy cow! It's so incredibly exciting to see him do these things! June has been a great month so far! :o)

In other news, Caleb had an allergy test today. I was thinking earlier, "wouldn't it be super cool if he turned out not to be allergic to anything and we can feed him whatever he wants?!" But it was not meant to be, my friends. Caleb is most definitely allergic to milk, eggs and now wheat. We've been suspecting the wheat for a while now (partly because he tested borderline for celiac disease when he was in the hospital) so it's a good thing we already cut that out of his diet. He had the biggest reaction to the eggs, which surprised me a little. So I guess life continues on as normal, whatever "normal" means.


Amanda said...

The Food Allery and Anayphylaxis Network has a lot of great things you might find helpful. I completely understand your situation. My middle child is allergic to eggs, peanuts, and shellfish. I would highly recommend joining. They have cookbooks, educational books, alert bracelets, and lots of other good information.

P.S. Came across you on MckMama's site. :)

Jenni said...

I am glad you commented on my blog. It is so good to know other moms who struggle to feed, treat, and care for children with these allergies. I think Eli is allergic to everything. But the diet I mentioned has been wonderful for him. I mentioned enzymes as well, and they helped with alot of digestive issues. If you need any advice on the eczema, or if you have found relief for him, let me know. You can email me direct (email on my blog). I would love to be in touch.