Friday, October 30, 2009

Dress Up

Laura Anne dressed up as a ballerina for church this past Wednesday. I made the tutu. I got the instructions from HERE. It's so easy, you have to try it! Well, if you have a girl to make it for, that is.

I have so many pictures of this smile. I love it!
Caleb joined her for a few pictures. I have a horse costume that he's super adorable in, but it was too hot outside so it has to wait.
Now that I have officially turned into a puddle because of the cuteness, I will go now. Oh yeah, the last post was Laura Anne's doing. She sat at the computer and clicked away for a few minutes and somehow figured out how to post it. I couldn't make myself delete it. :)
And details of the super great stuff is still coming!


TwinMint said...

The hug one gets me!

Laurie said...

Oh, my heart!! I just love them!!!

Ellen E. said...

I'm melting!!! I really love the Black and White pictures. Oh and the hug one too!!

Brianna said...

Thank you all. :)