Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ecclesiastes 3:11

"He made everything beautiful..."

This is the verse Laura Anne memorized for church last week. We got started 2 weeks late for memory verses, and we are very proud of her for memorizing all three verses to catch up.
Last week's lesson was centered around Ecclesiastes 3:11. During class, the kids planted a seed for a pea plant. By the weekend, we could see the plant starting to grow. The following picture was taken this morning:
Laura Anne loves watching it get taller and taller. They are also talking about Creation during Wednesday nights Awana class. This week she's learning that on day four of creation God created "the great lights..." (Psalm 136:7) I love this. I love watching her learn about our God and how wonderful and mighty He is! She actually told me last week when we were talking about the things God created that "God has power." Yes, He does, my child.

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Jenni said...

Hey Brianna. Thanks for the comment. Thanks for checking in as well. How is your little guy? Any better? I saw you had a derm appt. Hope you received some good news. Email me, maybe we can share our latest advice.