Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Update

We got a sneak peek of our unborn baby last week.
Who it is is still a mystery. The baby's right eye in the picture below is covered up by the umbilical cord which started floating right in front of his/her face. I just love that little wide open mouth! I can't wait to kiss that mouth!!
The baby did give us a hard time because a leg was straight up by its head the whole time. I love this picture, though, of the teensy foot. The toes are touching the baby's forehead. If you look closely, you can see in the lower right corner the baby's eye and nose. That other thing covering up its other eye is the umbilical cord again. I know it may be difficult to understand ultrasound photos, but here they are anyway. When we had this ultrasound done, I was 32 weeks and the baby was breech, meaning head-up. Although this isn't a concern yet, I'm trying to talk this child into getting into the correct head-down position by 36 weeks!
The picture below was taken at my 31-week appointment. In the office, they have these life-size rubbery models of babies at different stages in pregnancy. Laura Anne was holding the 30-week model. It's a great visual for her because she's always asking "how big is the baby now?"
She's so excited to meet the baby. Caleb mostly acts like he doesn't have a clue...either that or he doesn't care. :o)
We have approximately 7 weeks until we get to meet our new baby. I can't wait to know if it's the girl kind or the boy kind!!


TwinMint said...

Oh boy! Getting exciting. Definitely praying for a baby turn soon, because it definitely gets pretty um, uncomfortable, when the baby does it at 37 weeks... Just saying. :) Still can't decide what I think it is. Hmm...

lovingmylife said...

How exciting! When daughter was breech till the very end of my pregnancy. I tried everything to make her move. My favorite was pulling my shirt up and putting a large bowl of ice cream on the top of my belly, a heating pad and classical music through headphones on the very bottom of my belly! haha It was quite funny and the baby did move A LOT! Who knows if that is what made her flip but at least the ice cream was good. :)

Seizing My Day said...

You are lucky to have such amazing ultrasound pics!! we had the static kind just 8 years ago!! =)

I love the pic of your daughter with the model baby... also fun!!

new visitor.. Your blog name caught my eye! ;)