Thursday, June 17, 2010

Girl In The Tub~~Pixel Perfect!

This week, I dug into some pictures from a few months ago for the blog hop. I found this one of my sweet girl in the bath. She loves bath time and plays until the water is cold most times.


After:I love her blue eyes. She gets them from her daddy. I love his blue eyes, too. :)

Click on the Before/After logo above to see more before and afters!!


Tara said...

Cute :) Love the eyes and how they pop!!!

Brianne said...

What GORGEOUS eyes! I love how you brought out the color in them. Great edit!

Christy @ Life As Mum said...

She has beautiful eyes! Great job bringing out the details. I really like the color pop.

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog! Your blog is so cute; I am going to follow you.

Great edit; I love the focus on her eyes.

Pixel Perfect said...

I love how the blue eyes pop!

Alisha said...

I just love the warmth you brought to this!