Wednesday, June 30, 2010

It's Countdown Time!!

Yup! With approximately one month left until our baby is due, it's time to make a countdown chain!! You might remember when Laura Anne and I made a chain to countdown to Caleb's arrival. Here's a link to that post.

This time, we had our friends and next door neighbors help color the chain links. I was thankful for the help, seeing as how I'm running low on the energy meter these days. :)

Here's all my little helpers:
Silly faces:
Yes, here I reveal the first names we've chosen for our mystery babe. (I don't remember if I had mentioned them before.) Olivia is our version of Olive, who was my sweet grandmother. She passed away back in 1998. How I wish she could see all her great-grandchildren!! And many of you are probably familiar with the name Stellan from MckMama. I just came to love the name and the fact that it's not a common name. I think it's handsome! Middle names are being kept secret! Hehe.
And here's the proud big sister and big brother-to-be!! (In case you're wondering, they have their faces painted)
We're anxious to meet you, little one!

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Amy said...

I absolutely love the name Olivia! I am hoping to use it as a middle name when I have babies, since my fiance doesn't like it enough for a first name.