Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Countdown Chain

When I was pregnant with Laura Anne, I made a countdown chain about a month and a half or so before her due date. It's that time again! This time, I had a little helper. Laura Anne helped me cut the paper, staple the chains and place the stickers. She's a very proud big sister, and she loves to wear her "big sister" shirt. The elephant she's holding is very special. I bought it shortly after I found out I was pregnant, just hoping the baby would be a boy. The reason he is so special is because the name on his tag is "Dewberry" and that just happens to be the name of the company that Chris works for!! It was meant to be, and this little elephant will be making the trip to the hospital with us when Caleb is born.

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Anonymous said...

Giggle, Laura Anne looks like she could be one of those ladies that shows off the prizes on the Price Is Right!! The old show that is ;>)