Friday, February 1, 2008

Finally, The Decision Has Been Made

Way back in my 28th week of pregnancy :D Chris and I were having a discussion about the midwife that I'm seeing now, and that the experience, while not unpleasant, has not been exactly what I was hoping for when we switched from my doctor. However, I was completely prepared to stay put and try something new the next time around.

Well, my husband, being the wonderful man that he is, expressed to me that he wants me to have the experience I desire and he didn't feel that time was an issue yet. Immediately we began our search for whatever it was that I was hoping for in a birth experience. I came across the birth center nearby in Chapel Hill and began to research it. I fell in love with it. The only problem was that before you can schedule your first appointment, you have to go through the tour and they couldn't schedule that until January 30th. So, obviously that took place this week and while I really liked what I saw and heard, Chris and I both felt like for this time around, it would be best that we stay where we are and the baby be delivered at the hospital. It sounds so simple when writing it, but really, these last few weeks have been an up and down roller coaster! I have been back and forth so many times, it's not even funny. But it's like my mom has been telling me: in the end, we are going to have the most precious little boy! I totally agree and now I feel relaxed and can enjoy the last two months of this pregnancy knowing that, if it's according to God's plan, Caleb will be brought into the world at the UNC Women's Hospital. I don't feel like the searching was a waste of time. It's been more of a learning experience. I know myself a little better, and I'm very thankful for a supportive husband who's willing to go through (sometimes unnecessary) stress just so Caleb and I can be healthy and happy.

Now if only I didn't have such a long to-do list! Is it really February?!?!

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