Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fishy Mask

We had to take a trip to the pediatrician on Friday. Laura Anne started having cold symptoms on Tuesday, then on Thursday she woke up from her nap wheezing. She was still wheezing and coughing Friday morning so I took her in to see the doctor first thing. They think she might have asthma, although it's hard to tell since this is the first time it has happened. She might just have cold-induced asthma, meaning that whenever she gets a cold, it could flare up some asthma. We'll just have to see. Anyway, her oxygen level was low so they gave her 2 breathing treatments while we were in the office. She got to wear a little fishy mask and surprisingly, she loved it! We had to rent a nebulizer for the weekend and we have to give her 3 treatments a day. It's actually a fun time for me and her because we always read a book together. She's breathing a lot better now and her cough is trying to work its way out. We go back to the pediatrician Monday to get her checked out again. In the meantime, she loves using her fishy mask!

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NotesbyNewsome said...

We know this all too well!!! We own a nebulizer and James has been on breathing treatments on and off since 6 months old. We have been to the Dr countless times for this...he wheezes EVERYTIME he gets a soon as he starts sniffling, we start the treatments. He too has yet to be diagnosed as an athsmatic, but the Dr's continue to say he has "definite athsmatic tendencies". And almost everyone's kids at our church use a's like being apart of a breathing treatment club.