Friday, October 1, 2010

Update Mode

This just in! Of course, as soon as I published the last post, Stellan drank a whole bottle! Yay! I'm so excited! We're going to see how this goes for the next couple weeks and when we're sure he is comfortable with the bottle I'll start doing what it is that I will be doing. I promise, I will let you know details when I have them. For now, just know that it has to do with photography. :)

Also, I forgot to post Stellan's 2 month photo, so here it is!

Now on to our first born! Dear little (big) Laura Anne. She's a sweet, sweet big sister and is always planting kisses on her tiniest brother. She tries with Caleb too, but he's not always a happy recipient. :)

We've started homeschooling semi-officially for the year. She loves doing schoolwork and currently, she's learning character traits, sight words, calendar (months, days, weeks, etc..), weather, writing her letters *neatly*, and writing her numbers 1-30. She's doing very well with it all and I can't wait to teach her to learn to read! I'm actually waiting for a book to arrive any day now. It's called "The Reading Lesson" (thanks Aunt Jen!).

Laura Anne still is tall for her age. I can't remember how many inches, but this picture below was taken at Target last summer before she turned 4! This year, the question I get asked from lots of people is "what grade is she in?" Um, she hasn't started kindergarten yet!

I recently discovered a new skill she has, too. She can write her name backwards--letters and all! I was impressed! At first when I told her she wrote backwards she apologized. I told her not to be sorry! It's pretty cool that she can write her letters backwards! Although we will continue to teach her how to write them the correct way. :)

And finally, when I saw this picture of Stellan, I immediately remembered an old picture of Laura Anne and I went digging for it. I think they definitely resemble each other, don't you?

That's the update for Laura Anne. Next up is Caleb!

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LingleBells said...

:-) I have loved reading your updates!! :-) How uncanny to write you name backwards! I'm so glad you got the reading lesson!!! (Alana told me about it) :-) I would love for you to get a shot of how tall she is for this year. Keep up all the wonderful updates!! Can't wait to see you soon!!