Saturday, January 15, 2011

2010 In Review

Yes, I steal people's ideas. My creativity only goes so far. :) (Thanks Jackie!) So, following is a brief rundown of the events from each month last year. It's kinda cool to see what all we've survived experienced together and to see where we are now. I wish I would have done this for previous years because we sure have gone through a lot. Maybe I will at some other time.

*I started the year only 11 weeks pregnant.

*Chris had started his job in St. Petersburg already, but the kids and I were still living in central Florida.

*We got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time.

*Felt the baby move for the first time at 14 weeks.

*We moved to an apartment in the Tampa Bay area on January 30th.

*Laura Anne upgraded to a twin bed

* We toured the birth center and 2 weeks later, had my first appointment

*Chris felt the baby move.

*One year since we moved from North Carolina!

*20 weeks pregnant and we had our first ultrasound!

*The kids and I visited my family in Jacksonville but we all had the stomach bug while we were there. :(

*We saw the Blue Angels fly at the air show.

*Caleb turned 2!

*The kids visited with both sets of grandparents for a week and they got to go to the fair, while Mommy and Daddy had some quiet time and a few dates. :)

*We all went to our first professional baseball game! So much fun!

*We bought our new family vehicle: a Toyota Sienna!

*Chris and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.

*We visited Jerry and Ellen in North Carolina

*We discovered how beautiful the beaches are here; and the sunsets!!

*Due to a pest problem at our apartment, we had to find a new place to live. :/

*3D ultrasound!

*Baby had been in a breech position from (at least) 32 weeks to 34 weeks. But doing some tricky maneuvers, I coaxed him to flip and it worked! At 35 weeks, baby was head down. :)

*Second weekend in July, just a few days before my 38th week of pregnancy, we moved in to our new new apartment with the help of friends and family.

*And of course, Baby Stellan arrived on his due date, July 26th, at 10:13 PM. He was our biggest baby yet, weighing 9 lbs 3 oz.

*We had Chanda, a local professional photographer I met through the birth center, present for the birth. She did a fantastic job capturing it and we will cherish the photos forever. (I would post some here, but the copies I have don't have her watermark and I wouldn't want to get in trouble. But she does have some on her website! Go HERE to see!) :D

*We had a photo shoot at home with Chanda for newborn pictures. She has some of those on her website too. Click HERE to see if you can spot Stellan. (Hint: at the time I posted this, he was pictures 3, 10 and 15)

*When my Mom went home after visiting us, she took the 2 big kids with her so I could have a little more time to recover and get to know Stellan. :)

*I had a "surprise" baby shower in Jax.

*Caleb quit using his plug! (Thanks for the help, Mom!)

*On the 24th, the kids weighed in at 42 lbs, 29 lbs and 11 lbs 14 oz.

*Chris turned 31.

*I started running again.

*Another Rays baseball game

*My sis-in-law, Jennifer, came to visit with her 2 boys for a few days.

*Chris and I started attending Dave Ramsay's Financial Peace University at church.

*Caleb used the potty for the first time, but we are definitely not in full potty-training mode yet.

*Adding to our other little homeschool activities, I started teaching Laura Anne how to read.

*Visit to Jax for our annual pumpkin patch visit.

*Discovered Stellan is ticklish on his feet because he laughed when I put his socks on. :)

*Halloween festival at the Y with a friend, then trunk or treat at church.

*Stellan blows raspberries. (I document this because our other 2 didn't really do this and it's super adorable!)

*I got sick right before Thanksgiving and couldn't run the Thanksgiving day race with my Mom and brother. :(

*At Stellan's 4 month appointment he weighed 17.5 lbs and we discovered he had a sinus infection. He was prescribed an antibiotic which he reacted to with diarrhea which caused a severe diaper rash resulting in a prescription for that. Whew! That couple of weeks was no fun!

*Caleb started sleeping in his big boy fire engine bed!

*We hosted our first sleepover with 2 of Laura Anne's friends.

*Me, Chris and Stellan had an almost free day at Busch Gardens

*Laura Anne turned 5, had a sleepover party, but got sick during it.

*We spent Christmas Eve and part of Christmas day with Chris' family.

*We stayed in Jax for the following week (except Chris), but first Caleb got sick, then Stellan got sick. All while Chris was sick at home. I got it the day we went home. (New Years' Day)

And that was 2010 for us!! Here's hoping 2011 doesn't have quite as much sickness or moving...or babies! Ha!

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