Thursday, January 6, 2011

Birthday Party

I sure have a lot of blogging to catch up on! Let's start with Laura Anne's birthday party. The kids had fun playing on Caleb's fire engine bed for a little while. This, my dears, is the ever-so-delicious baked macaroni and cheese that I made especially for the birthday girl. I first knew she wasn't feeling great when she didn't want to eat any. :(
We did birthday cake a little differently this year. I made balls of cake and let the kids decorate them!
Cake pops!!
Stellan loves the attention from the girls.
Some of us made marshmallow kabobs.
Time for presents!
And so Caleb wouldn't feel left out on the goodies, I made Caleb-friendly rice krispy treats and let him put sprinkles on.
I shoved her candle into a cake ball.
After dessert, the kids all played with Moon Dough (a million times cooler than Moon Sand, FYI)
Then Laura Anne wanted to go to bed, poor thing. She really wasn't feeling well. I made pink pancakes for breakfast in the morning.
Shortly after breakfast, this is how Laura Anne was doing:
I felt so bad for her. But on the night of her birthday, I had the idea that she might like to go see a movie at the movie theaters with me. So we had a Mommy/daughter birthday date to see Tangled! Great movie, by the way. Her fever came back during it, and she fell asleep during the 5-minute drive home after the movie, but she told me she really liked it and wants to get it someday. :)
So that was Laura Anne's fifth birthday! Hoping next year (er, this year) she won't be sick on her big day!

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Caroline B. said...

Brianna - I had to comment on your pink pancakes... Mr. Larry used to make pink pancakes for my Laura on Wednesday nights at Six Forks :o) So when I saw yours, it made me smile. So glad y'all are well and I CAN'T BELIEVE Laura Anne is 5!! My Laura is 13! CRAZY! Miss y'all, Caroline :o)