Monday, January 10, 2011

Busch Gardens

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did you hear that? It was the sweet sound of relaxation. Thanks to my husband who performed a random act of kindness and for the gentleman who "paid" him with 2 Busch Gardens tickets, Chris and I (and Stellan, of course) had a day off recently.
We sent the 2 older kids to their friends' house for the day and the 3 of us headed to the amusement park. I wasn't sure how much we'd be able to do with a baby in tow, but we had to use the tickets by the end of December so we decided to just go and have fun together.
It was a gorgeous day! Not too hot or cold, and hardly a cloud in the sky.
We enjoyed strolling around and seeing alligators, apes, elephants and flamingoes, to name a few.
The "gardens" part of the park was quite enjoyable to look at as well.
Stellan was on his best behavior the whole day, making our time that much more pleasant.
Chris and I took turns riding 3 different roller coasters! The lines were incredibly short so the waiting was nothing. I'm so glad we got to ride something!

We "made" souvenirs for the big kids, spending $3 per kid and that, my friends, is the extent of the money we spent while in the park!

I got super close to a tiger.
We watched a fun Christmas ice skating show....

...and I laughed at this particular costume, consisting of a huge gift bow on the bum! Hahaha

My favorite flamingo, of which I took too many pictures, had brown, pink and white feathers. Gorgeous!
We fed some birds with long pointy beaks out of our hands. It tickled.

I am madly in love with this shot of my boys. Chris was tickling Stellan. Precious!

One of the funniest things all day was the elephants. They were dancing to the Christmas music blaring from the speakers. I promise you, as soon as I got this video clip, the music stopped...and so did the elephant! Then as another song came on, he started swaying again. It was hilarious!

Sigh. It was a great day. So thankful to escape for a little while and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Marmycakes said...

OH, I lOVE this post!! I laughed outloud at the picture of Stellan with the apes. :D They are all great pictures and the elephant video is a riot! So happy you had a fun day and didn't need to take Stellan on the roller coasters. Hahaha!