Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday Pictures...Round 1!

Our little Caleb turns 3 this weekend! So, we all went to the beach earlier this week to take his birthday pictures. He loves going to the beach. We all do!
It was the hardest thing for him to leave the sand alone.
I tried to get real smiles out of him, but that was difficult, too:
Daddy made him laugh.
Here's a camera smile:

He just wanted to get on with playing in the sand.
Chris had the idea to have him stand on the chair.
This made for some cute photos.
And, of course, he had to jump off.

Daddy was being silly again, making Caleb laugh.
Then I just had to relax a little and let him play.

I love how these next 2 turned out.

Then I let him go walking while holding on to the balloons.

I love the photos I got...until he loosened his grip on his balloons and they flew away. I told him they flew up to God and that I would buy him some new ones.
He was pretty sad, but he felt better when I changed him into his bathing suit and let him play.
Can you feel the love in this picture?
And here's Laura Anne, having a moment. :)
I'm not done with birthday pictures though! I really want to take him to the railroad tracks. Hopefully we will get the chance to do that soon.


Tegan said...

Amazing!! You are so talented!

Jillian said...

THese are awesome and amazing photos!

Brianna said...

Thanks girls! :)

Brenda and Brantley said...

These are incredible! I can't believe your little man is growing up.I met a girl at church this weekend that reminded me so much of you. Made me miss you even more.

Flower Photography said...

These are just sooooo sweet!!