Monday, June 6, 2011

By The Numbers

This is our family vacation by the numbers:

2187--the number of miles we drove

7--the number of days we were gone

500--the number of dollars we saved up for this trip

18--the number of dollars we had left over

3.33--the cheapest price for gas we found

773--the number of pictures that we took while on our trip

1--the number of teeth Stellan cut while we were on our trip (his 1st one!)

31--the number of family and friends we visited during our trip (give or take a few)

45 million--the number of times we heard "are we almost there?"

17 1/2--the ridiculous number of hours it took us to drive home (not including the hotel stay)

5--the number of cranky, exhausted family members

**Pics will come soon!!**

1 comment:

LingleBells said...

Ha!HA! I love this one!! :-) Glad you guys are home safe and sound.