Thursday, June 30, 2011


This adorable little fella had his last month-birthday this week.

His 10th month (technically, I guess it was his 11th month) was a busy one! We took a road trip; he met some new family and friends; he cut his first tooth at the end of that trip and proceeded to cut three more throughout the month;

He learned some more signs. He now signs "cold", "hot", "more", and "milk". He still does Scrunchy Face and he says "uh-oh" alot. He has been pulling himself to a standing position for a while now, but just within the last 2 weeks or so, he has started letting go and hovering for a second or two!

He copies sounds that he hears, whether it's a sibling screaming, a bird or a plane.

He gives us the best sloppy kisses. :)

He's learning how to drink from a sippy cup, but it's a slow process.

He's just a sweetheart and he will be turning one very soon!!


Marmycakes said...

What a cutie-pie. Stellan just has the sweetest face. :) <3

Jillian said...

Love those blue eyes!!