Sunday, December 23, 2007

2 Years Old!!

Happy Birthday to Laura Anne!! The party turned out great and the cake didn't look so bad either, in my opinion. :o) Our friends Jerry, Ellen, Arelys, Ciara and Sophie all came to celebrate this special occasion. Everybody had a great time!
Laura Anne and her friend Sophie
What a cheesy grin
From Uncle Jerry and Aunt Ellen: a set of 3 mini teacups and saucers!!
From Mommy and Daddy: Princess luggage set!
From Grandma and Papa: a tricycle!
Now it's cake time!
She wasted no time in sticking her finger into the frosting!
~Mommy, Daddy and Laura Anne~

We took a ton of pictures and I obviously couldn't post them all here, so I selected several more and put them on Shutterfly for you all to view and enjoy. The link is and the password is Brianna. It is case sensitive so capitalized the B.

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