Monday, December 10, 2007

Chee Chee Chee

This is how Laura Anne says "christmas tree". She can say "Christmas" and she can say "tree", but put them together and they come out "chee chee chee". She's absolutely fascinated by everything Christmas. It is so much fun! She loves to drive around and look at lights, loves candy canes, loves the trees and ornaments, and loves the reindeer. Although she seems a little confused when it comes to reindeer. 98% of the time she calls them kangaroos. Don't ask me why! It's so funny. She loves to watch "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Kangaroo". :o)

Saturday night we decorated our Christmas tree. Laura Anne thoroughly enjoyed hanging ornaments. She came across a few that didn't want to stay on the branch and if she didn't feel like picking it up and trying again, she'd just leave it on the floor and go searching for another ornament to hang. At one point there were at least three ornaments laying on the floor and she was still coming to me for more to hang! :o)

We all had lots of fun and made some great memories! Here are a few snapshots of the fun.
Cinderella ornament
Helping Daddy hang ornaments
Little reindeer girl
Trying hot chocolate for the first time...boy is it good!
Finished Christmas tree and our goofy girl

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