Thursday, March 20, 2008

Not Much Longer Now

I had my 38-week checkup yesterday. I'm still 1 centimeter dilated, and the baby's head is real low. That's good news to me! My midwife doesn't think Caleb is going to be real big. That's good news to me, too! ;o)

Chris and I are "joking" that the big event will occur sometime this weekend. Friday has good possibilities. It's the 21st (Laura Anne and Caleb would be born on the same day of the month), there's a full moon, and one of our favorite midwives is on call all day Friday. I plan to spend the day walking and shopping, eating balsamic vinaigrette dressing (heard it can trigger labor), spicy food, castor oil (not really! I'm not that desperate). Anyway, we'll see what happens. Sunday is our other choice, not because it's Easter, though. Our other favorite midwife is on call all day Sunday. Also, it's the first Sunday of our new church. Our church is going through lots of changes and it has been compared to new birth, or a new beginning, so we thought it would be appropriate if Caleb was born Sunday as a visual example of that new beginning!

These are just fun topics of conversation around here. Obviously, we're not really anticipating that I'll go into labor this weekend. But I won't complain if I do! ;o)

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NotesbyNewsome said...

I ate eggplant parm. and I was in labor 30 hours later!!! It's always worth a try!