Thursday, June 12, 2008

Trip To Florida, Part One

We're back!! We had a great time while in Florida and I have tons of pictures to share. So I will post them over the next few days so as not to overload you!Pops! Proud Aunt Seaweed :o)
Proud Uncle Garrett:
I got a kick out of this. Laura Anne saw Caleb having some tummy time so she had her two dolls and herself have tummy time, too!
Me with my 25 yellow birthday roses sent by my hubby. You can see how huge they were:
Peter was fascinated by Caleb's toes:

Laura Anne fell in love with Peter and Isaac all over again. She had so much fun playing with them:

Swimming with Pops:

Playing in the hose was such fun! Yes, the boys are wearing Dora swimmy diapers, but only because they didn't have theirs with them.

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