Monday, September 22, 2008

Crafts And Signs

Okay, so I've discovered some fun things recently. I wanted to share these for those who enjoy doing different activities with your children. First, Family Fun magazine is awesome. We've been receiving it in the mail for over a year now and it's chock-full of neat things to do/make/eat, etc... One of the crafts recently featured was this yarn octopus I made for Laura Anne. It's so easy and cute and CHEAP!! Laura Anne loves it and and when she saw I had a few different colors of yarn, she asked me to make her another!


My sister-in-law introduced me to this blog and it's really cool. It's called Make and Takes and this lady is full of ideas for crafts and fun things. If ever you are bored, check out her blog to find something fun to do. There's no shortage!


I'm a big fan of sign language. It has always intrigued me and we taught several signs to Laura Anne when she was a baby. Once she started talking, the signs unintentionally took a backseat. But now that Caleb is here, I'm excited to start teaching him and re-teaching Laura Anne so she can help teach Caleb. I have read (specifically in Baby Signing 1-2-3 by Nancy Cadjan) about the benefits of teaching babies sign language, and am now convinced that Laura Anne talks so well because we taught her how to communicate through signs early in her life. She's a super fast learner and has learned several new signs just within the last couple weeks. Well, a couple Saturdays ago, we discovered a show on PBS called Signing Time and it is so neat. All of us enjoy watching it together. The lady who teaches it also sings, so she'll teach a handful of signs and then sing a song using all the signs. It's really fun, and Laura Anne enjoys making the signs. Check it out! And if you want to buy the videos, do yourself a favor and check Ebay for them as opposed to buying them from the website. They're MUCH cheaper! I'm hoping to be able to buy some in the near future.

I know I have put a lot of links in this post, but I think it's useful and fun information. I hope this is helpful for some of you! And now, I'll leave you with a cute picture! :D

Okay, two pictures!


Kristina said...

Oh, that's precious! Caleb is getting so big! You have beautiful children, Brianna :D

Caroline said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! And your kiddos are so cute :) I saw that you enjoy scrapbooking - I wish I had more time for that these days! And that is also neat about the signing. My 2 year old doesn't talk too much, but he actually seems to catch on to words better when I teach him the sign to go with them.