Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SURPRISE Party Pics!!!

Ellen and I planned a surprise pool party for Chris on Saturday. Chris arrived before any of the guests did, but we all still had a great time. We had a couple families from the church show up and the kids enjoyed splashing in the pool for a while. Then we all enjoyed a nice barbeque dinner---pork chops, chicken, corn on the cob, baked beans, deviled eggs, salad, chocolate covered strawberries and of course, cupcakes! Ellen and I (mostly Ellen) also made party favors. They were little paper party hats filled with candy. They were super cute!

The dessert table:
Laura Anne and her buddy, Joel. They love to play together!


TwinMint said...

Okay, it took waaay too long for you to post the second part of the birthday stuff. You know babies are on the brain of everyone in this family, you can't drop a surprise hint and take that long to explain! :)

Brianna said...

HAHAHA!! I apologize to all of you for the delay of the second post. I do have two children to keep up with you know! I'll be more careful with my "surprises"! It never occured to me that people would take it that way! Whew. Not yet, folks!!!