Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas At Our House

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Although we were unable to go home to Florida for Christmas this year due to our sickness a couple weeks ago, we had a nice day. Well, mostly anyway. It started off fun. We read the Christmas story from the Bible and then let the kids open presents. Then I went to the kitchen and began cooking.

Around 11 AM, at Caleb's feeding time, we discovered that we were completely out of rice milk AND Pediasure! Of all the days to run out of something crucial, Christmas day is not the day to do it, as almost all stores are closed! I tried not to panic. In the meantime, Chris' glasses were misplaced and we couldn't find them anywhere! The tension in the house was a little high for a while. Thankfully, we learned that a local CVS was open 24 hours. So we all piled in the car and went to CVS to buy some Pediasure for Caleb. Chris' glasses were still nowhere to be found.

We went ahead with our dinner plans at Jerry and Ellen's house. We all had a nice time there and stayed until the kids' bedtime. Right before we went to bed, my eyes just happened to locate the missing glasses sitting on top of the magazine rack in the bathroom. How they got there, we have no idea, but at least they were found and my husband could see once again.

So that was our Christmas this year! Anyone have any funny stories to share?

Reading the Christmas story:

One of Laura Anne's gifts was a singing cow:

Caleb wasn't too sure of the gifts thing at first:

Then he figured out it was pretty fun:
The kids playing with their toys in our disaster area:
At Jerry and Ellen's house, having a ticklin' good time: He's a pro at opening gifts now:
He got a tool bag toy!
Laura Anne got a grocery game where she can scan all the food and put it in her shopping basket:

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