Sunday, December 28, 2008

9 Months Old

Oh gee. Nine months old. Is that as hard for everyone else to believe as it is for me?

  • Caleb weighs 19 pounds, 8 ounces. (Well, he did at the hospital 2 weeks ago)
  • He is now officially weaned. He drinks either rice milk or Pediasure from a bottle and he's doing wonderfully with it. That means I have my freedom back as far as food is concerned! I'm really excited to be able to have cheese and ice cream again. I had my first Starbucks drink in 4 months this past Saturday. It was divine! I have not had my Papa John's cheese pizza yet. You'll know when I do. :o)
  • He has three teeth: two on bottom and one on top.
  • He's still not crawling, although I think it may be soon. He's constantly leaning way forward onto his hands when he's in a sitting position. His little bottom comes off the ground and then he either falls over or sits back up again.
  • He's completely over his sickness from a couple weeks ago. He's even done taking medicine so we're all thankful for that.
  • He loves to wave at people when we're out and about. He's not nearly as shy around strangers as Laura Anne was.
  • He gets so excited when Daddy comes home from work. And he loves playing with Laura Anne.
  • He still loves only one kind of pacifier. I got him a couple new ones because it's been a while and I thought he might be open to trying a new kind. But no. They are more of a toy than a soother. Oh well! He knows what he likes, I guess.


Michelle said...

It is hard to believe he's 9 months! Wasn't he just born yesterday???? Where in the world does this time go?

Have you noticed a big change in his allergies since you've changed him to the rice milk? Friends of ours here have a son that's allergic to milk products, they saw a huge difference in his eczema when they switched him, and I was curious if you've seen any changes in him. The way kids react to allergies always amazes me!

SunnyRae said...

Hey! I'm sure you are seeing a big improvement already regarding Caleb's excema! So exciting! Hopefully you'll be sleeping more at night soon! I'll be getting you everything you need for his first chocolate cake with frostine - allergy free - in March when we visit FL! That will be our present for him. Also, just FYI, Lucas's allergies to wheat and soy showed up around 12 months, so you may want to get testing done again. Trial and error didn't work for us...:(

Brianna said...

So far I have not noticed much change at all in his allergies. He still seems itchy alot and I'm really bugged about it because I was hoping this was the answer, at least for now. We will eventually be taking him to get tested again to see if there's something he's allergic to that we've been missing. Hopefully we'll figure it out someday!