Sunday, January 4, 2009


So since I wrote the last post, Caleb has accomplished a few new things. First of all, he had a fever a few nights ago of 102 degrees and I thought, "oh no! He's getting sick...again!!" He was extremely irritable for the past three days and had a hard time sleeping. As it turns out, he's getting tooth #4! He acts like the world is coming to an end because a tooth is coming through, but what can you expect from a BOY?!
Also, today he ended up on his hands and knees and he began rocking!! He's soo close to crawling! Yippee!
Caleb learned his first sign last week! He signed "more" to me while he was eating! And he continues to sign it. I have kicked the signing up a notch since then, since he is paying attention!
We had a cute moment at Kohls earlier today. We were looking at socks and Laura Anne asked me if I wanted pink or blue, but when she said "pink" and "blue" she hit the socks. Caleb thought this was hilarious and just went to cackling! It was so funny. I love to hear a baby laugh!

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