Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Digits!

In months, that is. Caleb is 10 months old! Things are pretty much the same with him, except for a few things:

  • He decided he does not like applesauce and peaches, afterall. But, we tried squash again and he ate a whole jar!

  • He can play peek-a-boo by himself! Last night he was pulling a blanket in front of his face and when I said, "where's Caleb?" he pulled it down quickly and had a big grin on his face. I got a video of it, but it's on the video camera, not the digital. I'm not sure if I can get it on the computer.

  • We think he may have an allergy to vinegar, or whatever else is in salt and vinegar potato chips. A couple weeks ago we let him lick on a chip and a short while afterwards, his top lip started to puff up. It kept puffing up for a while and he was really uncomfortable, but after an hour or so it started to go down. Weird!
  • Good news, though: his eczema looks better than ever. He still has itchiness sometimes, but the rash itself is the best it has looked since he first developed it when he was 3 months old. Yay!

  • He can sign "more" and "eat" and he knows what we mean when we say and sign "drink" to him. He also recognizes all of our names. Every time, when I say "where's Laura Anne?" he looks right at her. He does the same for Daddy and Mommy as well!

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SunnyRae said...

Hey! Just FYI: the potato chips (if they are Lays brand) have lactose in them, which is from milk...That may have been what he actually reacted to...but a good way to try to see if it was vinegar is to dab a little on his skin! Good luck! Sunny