Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Stats


Well, hello! Thanks for popping by! I took the kiddies to the doctor this morning for their 3-year and 9 month well visits. Here are the details:

Laura Anne weighs 34 pounds and is 40 inches tall. She's very healthy and doing great developmentally. Apparently, Chris and I aren't doing so bad raising her so far! What a relief! :o)
She was very talkative to the nurse and doctor. When the nurse came in, she told Laura Anne "you're getting so big!" Laura Anne said "I'm this old" and she held up three fingers. Then she added, "when I grow up and get married, I'm going to have a baby." Ah, she keeps me laughing! :D

Caleb weighs 18 pounds 12 ounces (down from 19 lbs 8 ounces at the hospital almost a month ago). He is 28 1/4 inches long. Although he has been weaned for a couple weeks now, he still has rashes all over his little body so our pediatrician is sending us to a dermatologist at Duke. We'll see them some time around Caleb's first birthday and he said that they do extensive testing so we can figure out what exactly is bothering our baby's not-so-smooth skin. The doc was very pleased with Caleb's fine motor skills despite his skin issues. He said he's advanced in his skills so that was good to hear.

All in all, our kids are healthy and growing and we have much to be thankful for!

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