Monday, January 26, 2009

A Barbie Party

We promised Laura Anne she'd get her Barbie birthday party and January 24th was the earliest we could manage to schedule it. We had it at Chick-fil-A (did you expect anything else??). Everything turned out really nice and Laura Anne had a great time with 7 of her friends!

Sofie and Jessalyn:
Pile-up in the slide. I think there ended up being six kids that came out of the slide at the same time! Jessalyn, Sofie and Laura Anne were at the beginning of the pile-up:
Four of the girls (Sofie, Laura Anne, Blakely and Kaitlyn):
Mmmm, cupcake time!
She was pretty excited to get a Webkinz! Later, I told her it was a hippo and she said, "no Mommy. It's a hippo-come-a-mus". I stand corrected! Laura Anne and Sofia: Best Friends!
Rachel, Blakely and Laura Anne: (Rachel was painting Laura Anne's fingernails)

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